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What is your day-to-day task in your publication/organisation?

I mainly covering our secretariat and health issues. I collect information from the field and then write the news on-the-go for the office. I also cover big news events like most reporters. At the same time, I try to maintain contact with source which is like a daily routine for me. Everyday I would call them so that they can provide me with the news as fast as possible.

What is the greatest challenge in journalism today in this region?

It is difficult to mention specific challenges in journalism in this region with a few words. Global issues pose a challenge in this region, for example, the rise of fundamentalism. Some governments are also not as democratic as it seem. And this can affect the journalism we do. Journalists are also not paid enough in many countries, so it can be a less comfortable life being a journalist.

What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learnt from another journalist in Asia?

From interacting with other Asian journalists, I realise that we face similar problems from our companies and governments. Our values are the same. We journalists are doing our best to fight for better stories for our readers.

Asia journalist are facing similar problems from their companies. Our values are same and here journalists are doing their best fight for pressure free journalism. 

What do you think is the most important issue/story in your country/region?

Rise of fundamentalism, a lack of democracy and access to good education. 

What are you most optimistic about as a journalist in Asia?

In Asia, most journalists continue the work they do because of their affection for journalism. They wish to make their country better and at times will sacrifice their lives as they uncover the truth.

Mazadul Noyon (Bangladesh) is a special correspondent at as a special correspondent. in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He started his career in print journalism before moving to in 2011. He has won awards for reporting on a case of child murders in 2016 and on Bangladeshi migrant workers. He was also selected for the Asia Journalism Fellowship in 2017.

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