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What is your day-to-day task at your publication/organisation?

I am a Myanmar national based in Yangon. As director of the corporate communication department, I am responsible for corporate communication strategy. We also execute our plans working with media networks, content creators as well as internal communications within a time frame. I freelance as a writer and contribute to local media. 

What is the greatest challenge in journalism today in this region?

In Myanmar, after the new civilian government has come to power, the traditional media landscape is slowly changing to digital media. Currently, media here is not as developed and capacity building is required for our media to compete at the international level. Traditional media has taken a back seat as social media is now a powerful agent distributing news. The relevant stakeholders need to sit up and take notice as we develop journalism in Myanmar.    

How important is journalism in Asia?

In today’s complex world where decisions are influenced by developed nations, journalism’s role in Asia is extremely important in sharing knowledge about regional issues. 

What do you think is the most important issue/story in your country/region?

Today, Myanmar faces conflict issues in its democratic transition. The nation is struggling on its feet to defeat conflict issues. The only way to deal with this is to cooperate with local and international communities.  


Minh Zaw Oo (Myanmar) has worked as journalist for twelve years based in Yangon. He was also business editor and copy writer. He works at the Myanmar Times, The Trade Times. He also worked as communication specialist in world vision Myanmar and currently he is a communication director of one of the big corporate in Myanmar and has been working as freelance contributor for business analysis articles to local media. He was Asia Journalism Fellowship in 2013 in Singapore, with support from Temasek Foundation International.

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